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Subhash Tuli

Electrical T&D
Apparatus Consultant Inc.

1011 Larchmont Drive
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About Subhash Tuli
I am pleased to inform you that since June 2010, I have started my own consulting firm by the name of: “Electrical T&D Apparatus Consultant Inc.” to serve the power industry.

My professional qualifications include:

Professional Memberships

  • Senior member IEEE Transformer Committee, USA
  • Past Working Group Chair for continuous Revision of IEEE standards C57.12.00 , C57.12.90 and C57.119
  • IEEE Working Group Chair and serving as Working Group/Task force member for several major Standards and Guides, such as IEEE standards C57.12.00, C57.12.90, C57.119, C57.98 and more.
  • Participated with IEEE technical papers and harmonization of some IEC and IEEE standards.

Professional Experience

Delta Star Inc. Lynchburg
Corporate Transformer Standards Officer and Director of Product Testing
January 2009 – June 2010

  • Managed test department’s production, personnel and future planning activities for power transformer and mobile transformers up to 230 kV, 900 kV BIL, 100 MVA for Power Transformers and up to 200 MVA for Auto Transformers.
  • Worked as a staff officer to provide technical support for sales/marketing, design engineering, quality assurance and contract departments.
  • Coordinated manufacturing & testing activities with delta Star West, California.

Waukesha Electric Systems
Director of Product Testing
November 1983 – January 2009

  • Managed test department for all transformer products ranging from 5 MVA through 400 MVA up to 345 kV, 1175 kV BIL.
  • Provided product testing related seminars to customers and on demand associated with design reviews
  • Prepared test plans for all products manufactured within the scope of Waukesha Electric Systems.
  • Provided training to field service personal on field testing of Power Transformers and Power Circuit breakers.
  • Prepared test procedures for transformers, power delivery systems, and minimum oil and SF6 circuit breakers up to 345 kV
  • Trained test floor personnel, shop floor supervisors/planners, and other quality assurance personnel.
  • Provided liaison with purchasing department for several electrical purchased parts, and performed vendor audits for bushings, circuit breakers and other allied electrical products. Provided factory coordination with marketing, purchasing and design engineering departments for day to day product testing related matters.