Electrical T&D Apparatus Consultant, Inc.
Subhash Tuli

Electrical T&D
Apparatus Consultant Inc.

1011 Larchmont Drive
Waukesha, WI, 53186


Electrical T&D Apparatus Consultant, Inc.
Founded in 2010, Eletrical T & D Apparatus Consultant, Inc. serves the power industry by providing consulting services to major utilities around the globe in the field of Test witness, Internal and External Inspection along with the verification of Control circuits and Components for Medium, Large and EHV Power Transformers up to 500 kV, 600 MVA and Oil filled Shunt Reactors of rating 345 kV, 150 MVAr.

On behalf of my clients, I have experience witness testing at world renowned test facilities such as IREQ test laboratory of Hydro Quebec Canada, Siemens Company, Austria, Hyundai Heavy Industries South Korea, EFACEC, Georgia and few other High Voltage, High Power test laboratories.

I am also provide technical support for Test Specifications on Transformers for major utilities in North America.